RCRC Membership

Annual Membership: $70
Annual Non-Member Permit: $60
Additional Family Members: $35
Youth Memberships for individuals that are 19 years of age or younger as of July 1 are FREE.

Membership requirements:

  1. “FULL” Adult AMA membership.  $85/year
    A “Park Pilot” AMA Membership is not sufficient to fly at RCRC.  You can check your AMA status here: AMA membership status.
    Youth AMA membership  $15/year
  2. You are required to read and abide-by the RCRC Field regulations AND the AMA Membership Manual (below).
  3. Join: You can sign up and pay for your Rocket City RC membership online, or you can fill out a membership application (below), and either mail payment, or pay at the flying field. Paper/Mail-in Memberships are strongly discouraged as the PO Box is only checked once per month. Online membership sign-up is recommended with in-person sign-ups at the field with a club officer as a backup. 

Purchase RCRC Membership Online