The next club meeting is on Tuesday December 18th at 6pm at the field clubhouse.

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Rocket City Radio Controllers, Inc. (RCRC) is an AMA-chartered radio controlled aircraft club located in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. Please accept our invitation for you to join our club. RCRC has an open membership policy where everyone and every type of aircraft is welcome! We have members here from all walks of life including active duty and retired military, families, and youth members (youth memberships are free!). We have all types of pilots and aircraft out here…from trainers, pattern, scale, a big birds, war birds, jets, electrics of every size, 3D, home-made/scratch-built, helicopters, quad / hex copters, night flyers with LED lights, first person view (FPV)…you name it. Mornings and weekends are the most popular flying times. Stop by and visit us any time you see the gate open.