Quadcopter Racing – Region 2A Qualifier

Official Region 2A Qualifier for 2017 MultiGP Regional Series. The top 5 pilots from this race will qualify for the Region 2A Final in Peachtree City, GA on July 28-30.
Registtration Link: http://www.multigp.com/races/view/8687/RCFR-Region-2A-Qualifier
Landing fee: $20 (Paypal available: rocketcityfpvracing@gmail.com)

Event Format:

  • 2 controlled practices rounds (more if time allows)
  • 5 competition rounds
  • Fixed time: 2 minutes
  • Completed Laps counted
  • Finish last lap after timer sounds and count if finished
  • Winner is most accumulated laps for all rounds

Tech Requirements:

  • AMA Full Membership
  • Failsafe is set (props must be removed)
    • Turn on radio
    • Turn on quad and give throttle
    • Turn off radio, motors should stop within 6 seconds
  • Correct video channel is set

VTx assignments and pilot roster will be released the week of the event.