Quadcopter Racing – Region 2A Qualifier

Official Region 2A Qualifier for 2017 MultiGP Regional Series. The top 5 pilots from this race will qualify for the Region 2A Final in Peachtree City, GA on July 28-30.
Registtration Link: http://www.multigp.com/races/view/8687/RCFR-Region-2A-Qualifier
Landing fee: $20 (Paypal available: rocketcityfpvracing@gmail.com)

Event Format:

  • 2 controlled practices rounds (more if time allows)
  • 5 competition rounds
  • Fixed time: 2 minutes
  • Completed Laps counted
  • Finish last lap after timer sounds and count if finished
  • Winner is most accumulated laps for all rounds

Tech Requirements:

  • AMA Full Membership
  • Failsafe is set (props must be removed)
    • Turn on radio
    • Turn on quad and give throttle
    • Turn off radio, motors should stop within 6 seconds
  • Correct video channel is set

VTx assignments and pilot roster will be released the week of the event.

National Model Aviation Day 2017

Director: John Tubb
Phone: 401-450-9669
Email: treasurer@rocketcityrc.com

Join Rocket City RC in celebrating model aviation for the fifth-annual National Model Aviation Day 2017. National Model Aviation Day was created to encourage clubs to celebrate the hobby and share it with the public.  There will be flight demonstrations and training flights as well as informative and educational displays, tours and Q and A. Come celebrate with us and learn more about this wonderful hobby! #ModelAviationDay

NMAD Flyer 2017

The Show Off Contest

Director: John Pieczynski
Phone: 256-651-6487
Email: janandjohn@mchsi.com

Hey you! Yes you! Have you always wanted to enter a contest, but you didn’t have the right plane, or didn’t think you were talented enough to compete? Well this is your kind of contest. See the flyer below for details. Registration TBD.

Show Off Contest Flyer

Club Day 2017

Director: Al Blair
Phone: 265-277-0879
Email: vicepresident@rocketcityrc.com

Come join us for this free event to share our love of this great hobby.  Refreshments will be provided.  Check out some of our previous Club Day events: