Great Planes Ryan STA-M ARF Not completed...some basic HW missing

Posted 3 weeks ago by johnstonb1


Selling a Great Planes RYAN STA-M that I picked up at a swap meet about 10 years ago.  It is not completed yet but close.  It has Robart landing gear already installed in finished wing.  Just the Robart fixed gear were $100 for the pair.  This is the 82″ ARF.  I have nearly all parts etc except for a few basic items that any competent modeler should have around their shop or at the very least could figure out.  I have the instructions as well as history and specs docs of actual aircraft.  I have this listed at $175 but would take a good offer from a modeler that I know will finish it well and put it in the air.  Please call or email with questions or offers.


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