Huntsville, Alabama

Rocket City
Radio Controllers Inc.


Membership Renewal / Signup

You can sign up and pay for your Rocket City RC membership online, or you can fill out a membership application, and either mail payment, or pay at the flying field.

Annual membership is $70, then $35 for each additional family member 19 years old and above.   Both AMA and Rocket City RC youth memberships are free for members under the age of 19 as of July 1. 

First, you need a valid AMA membership and number. (Click this link to check your AMA status: AMA membership status .) You should be able to sign up to AMA and obtain your AMA number immediately.

Important !!    AMA offers both a "Full Membership" and a "Park Pilot" membership with reduced personal liability insurance coverage.   Rocket City RC requires the "Full Membership" option from AMA.  

Second, you also are required to read the field regulations. Click here
to view with Adobe Reader .

1. Pay Online
For your convenience, you're welcome to register and pay online.  Once paid, you can print your own membership card immediately, or we'd be glad to provide one for you by emailing

Click Here to renew or begin.


2. Manual method:

You're welcome to sign up or renew your membership manually by printing the membership application , and mail it, or present it with payment to an officer at the field. Membership forms are also available at the field. Click here to continue with the manual signup method.

If you have any questions, here is our contact information , or speak to an officer at the field.