Huntsville, Alabama

Rocket City
Radio Controllers Inc.


Feel free to email or call any of the club officers or the website editor below:

President Bob Templeton 256-479-7378
Vice President Al Blair 269-277-0879
Treasurer John Tubb 401-450-9669
Secretary Alan Berard 256-337-5785
Newsletter Editor Tom Wimsatt 401-222-0658
Website  Bob Sorrells 256-651-6865

Volunteer Flight Instructors.  Contact them for an appointment.

John Pieczynski 256-651-6487  
Bic Green   256-476-0290  
Garrett Smith 256-783-2630 Small Electric Fixed Wing Planes
Peter Wick   256-883-7571  
John Tubb 401-450-9669  
Mike Duncan 256-509-8801 Multi-Rotor


From the west at I-65 / I-565 intersection, take I-565 East, then Memorial Parkway South, then right on Airport Road, then left on Leeman Ferry Way SW.

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GPS Location:
34.685171,  -86.592244