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  Welcome to the Rocket City RC Classified Ads 

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What is Rocket City RC - Classified Ads?
Rocket City RC - Classified Ads is a place where Rocket City RC members, friends, and RC enthusiasts in the North Alabama area can post an advertisement to sell their RC airplanes and related equipment on our website. 
 Do I have to be a Rocket City RC Member to post an ad?
Although we'd love to have you as a member, currently you do not have to be a member of Rocket City RC to post an advertisement.

  How much does it cost to post an ad?
Currently there is no charge to post an ad. We are offering this free service to help the RC community in North Alabama.

  Are area commercial RC retailers allowed to post?
At the present time, this site is for individual RC enthusiasts who wish to buy, sell, and swap their personal RC equipment. We do encourage you to visit and buy from our local area RC hobby shops. See external links.

  I'm already a RCRC member, do I have to create a new a new account?
Yes, you will need to create a new account to post an ad. The Rocket City RC - Classified Ads application is open to both RCRC members as well as any RC enthusiast in the North Alabama area. The two systems are independent.
 How can I join Rocket City RC?
Rocket City RC has open membership. Everyone is welcome. Memberships for ages 19 and younger are free. Find out more information on this website, or on our Facebook page.